The cost of a tattoo can vary, depending on a few factors; size, detail, and location on the body. All of these elements will influence how long the tattoo is going to take, and therefore influence the price. The best way to get a quote is to come in or set up a consult with one of our talented artists. However, at times an artist might be able to give you a quote for small tattoo over the phone or via email but that will be a rough estimate.  


There are two forms of pricing:  set price or by the hour.

SET PRICE: This is often done when the customer has a predetermined design or smaller piece in mind and the artist can predict approximately how long it will take to complete the tattoo.

BY THE HOUR: This quote will usually include the time it takes to apply the stencil as well as complete the tattoo. The minimum charge by the hour quote is always one hour, however, even if your tattoo only takes five minutes. This is because irrespective of the time it takes to tattoo you, your artist must provide new and sterilized equipment for each tattoo.

Shop minimum is $75. Even if a tattoo only takes 10 minutes, our shop minimum covers the cost of supplies for the tattoo itself. We make every effort to respond to voice messages and emails within 24 hours but it may take up to 48 hours to get back to you. We pride ourselves in customer service, so if we are unavailable it's due to being busy helping clients.

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